Faith: the weak muscle

Faith is remarkably easy to talk about until you yourself are waiting in the hope and conviction of something not yet seen.

Then all of a sudden it is like trying to do a push up when you have not worked out in ten years.

The temptation to give into fear and worry, even to be consumed by them until you are in a state of panic, the desire to self-medicate through any means so that you do not have to think about realities and hopes—all of these tendencies are the opposite of consciously exercising the weak muscle of faith.

All of a sudden, you have a new appreciation for the celebrated characters of faith in the Old Testament.  Really believing that you would have a child at 100 years old?  Believing that God was leading you into a Promised land as you are wandering around the desert?

Outside of the scope of your own experience, these things make good sermons and Sunday School lessons.  But when faced with your own impossibilities and temptations to give up and despair, they take on a certain fleshly life and become an inspiration for you to command your shaky muscles to go down into a push-up.

After all, the only way to strengthen something is to keep working it, regardless of the pain or occasional failure that it might involve.


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